6 daily Habits to stop and prevent colds (inc. cough & sore throat)

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As winter is approaching, we know that we will probably catch a cold this year.

Common cold is a combination of sore throat, cough and, cold. These 3 ailments can happen separately or in conjunction with each other.

There are some habits that both prevent and stop colds. In fact, if you practice these 3 habits well, you will probably not even have a cold this winter.

By the way, colds don’t only happen during winters. As an infection, it can happen any time of the year or when it is triggered by stress, low body immunity, viruses, poor nutrition, etc.

I have personally had instances of numerous colds caused by stress and low immunity and these habits were very helpful in eliminating my cold.

To be honest, I did more than just practice these habits. I also used these natural remedies that I discussed in this previous post on cold remedies to clear my infection very fast.

Let us begin on the habits that stop cold from wrecking your health:

Wear warm clothes

Stay warm at all times of the day and night with your socks, head warmers, jackets, etc. Once you have a cold, you should do this even if the weather is warm so far you are not sweating. This get-up should be your fashion until your cold is clear.

As the body is under attack by a virus, keeping warm helps the body in fighting the infection more effectively. We are warm-blooded creatures which is why cold temperatures are detrimental to our health.

gargle with Salt water

It happens that the throat often feels rough, dry, itchy, or tickly when we have a cold. Gargling with warm water and salt helps clear the infection in the throat and reduces the swelling of the tonsils.

Especially when you have a sore throat or cough, this really does help in reducing your discomfort

Add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water and use it to gaggle until you feel relieved. You can gargle as often as you need to for relief.

Drink warm liquids only

Warm liquids including teas (honey, ginger, lemon, etc.), rich soups, even your drinking water should be warm. Whatever you will be drinking, it needs to be warm.

Staying hydrated will definitely hasten your body’s recovery from the cold.

You should only drink what is warm. AVOID all things cold because they will make your condition a lot worse.

Rest well

The cold is one of those conditions that have no cure. Even natural remedies recommended usually soothe symptoms and boost immunity. We have to let the body fight this battle on its own

This is why it is important to have adequate rest, sleep for 7-9 hours every day and reduce stress as much as possible while sick or convalescing.

Eat Nutritive meals

The body cannot fight off infection when it is starved of nutrients. This is the time for the health-conscious you to emerge.

You need to eat only real food. Real nutritive food that grows from the environment. If it doesn’t fit this criterion, don’t eat it. Don’t forget to include adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Having a rich diet in these trying times can even cancel the need for remedies. I have tried this method before, and it works.

take hot showers only

Taking a hot and steamy shower helps clear all airways and reduce infections that are in the airways. You can even add some drops of essential oils e.g lemon, eucalyptus, mint, etc. to your bath water to clear your airways more effectively.

This is especially very good when you have a blocked nose or runny nose.

Make the shower as hot as you can stand and I assure you, you will feel the difference after each shower. Don’t forget to dress up warmly afterward.

Use a diffuser

If you are having trouble breathing or dealing with a scratchy throat, a diffuser with some drops of essential oils like mint, peppermint, lemon, ginger, eucalyptus will diffuse the oils into the air and you will then breathe them easily.

These oils are known to clear airways, ease breathing, in numerous ailments like asthma, colds, pneumonia, etc. and other respiratory-related conditions

Boost your immunity

Last but definitely not least, You need to boost your immunity ASAP from the time you notice the cold.

Knowing that your immune system is the only thing that can rid you of this cold, sore throat, or cough, now is the time to make it strong.

This is done by resting well, having a rich diet, and taking immune-boosting supplements like vitamin C (1000mg) daily, black seed, raw garlic chopped to pieces and swallowed with water, etc.

Check out how to boost your immunity with natural remedies

Final thoughts

These habits both prevent and treat colds quite effectively. Tip to remember, if you are just recovering from a cold, these habits will prevent you from getting sick again.

If these habits are not working fast enough for you, you should check out my post on how to naturally eliminate cold in less than 72 hours with natural home remedies.

In that post, you will find all that you will need to quickly recover from your infection.

I hope you were able to learn something new today.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day

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