70 habits that will make you healthier, happier, and more successful

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Most of us aspire to live the healthiest lives that we can imagine. We keep dreaming of a lifestyle where we will exercise consistently, meditate often, quit sugar and other junk foods, eat only whole foods and only actual foods, etc.

The healthy list is a very long one for most of us. As being healthy becomes more trendy and new fads come and go, there are habits of a healthy lifestyle that are forever and we will be discussing them today

This list might look overwhelming to many including me. As I was writing and researching for the best healthy habits to live a healthy lifestyle, I felt like I was underperforming too.

This should motivate us to make active efforts towards becoming healthier and not demotivate us.

One of the easiest things in this modern era is to have an unhealthy lifestyle because it is encouraged everywhere you go. You have to make the decision every day to protect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by saying NO to all these false advertisements.

While trying to improve your lifestyle, you should not take on more than 3 healthy habits to practice and develop at once else, you likely will end up feeling overwhelmed and give up before mastering any of them

Let us begin:

Basic habits for a healthy life

  1. Exercise 3-4 times a week
  2. Challenge yourself to replace bad habits with healthy ones
  3. Take the staircase often as you can
  4. Have a hobby fthat develops you or you enjoy
  5. Avoid cold water, drinks and foods – Warm food and drinks are ideal for health
  6. Eat healthy whole foods
  7. Spend time with a loved one at least every week
  8. Work on strengthening your personal relationships with worthy people
  9. Avoid or at least slowly eliminate junk, packed and processed foods
  10. Stop smoking or at least for the time being, reduce your consumption
  11. Replace your sweet tooth with love for fruits. They are also sweet
  12. Stop or at least, limit alcohol use
  13. Limit eating outside. Pack your meals as often as you can
  14. Remove toxic people from your life
  15. Get some sunlight (cool morning or evening sun only) everyday to maintain your health
  16. Hydrate often. Try to be at the recommended 2.7l for women and 3.7 liters for men
  17. Sleep early before 10.30 and wake up early for the day
  18. Allow yourself to cry and feel sad. Don’t bottle your emotions
  19. Avoid over-eating
  20. Surround yourself with positive, successful, supportive and company that you can trust and will motivate you.
  21. Reduce the use of gadgets and phones
  22. Set time for social media and don’t use it afterwards or before then.
  23. Maintain good personal hygiene at all times
  24. Sleep on your right side to open your heart
  25. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep everyday
  26. Develop easy routines that make your days and weeks more organised and productive
  27. Plan your days before they arrive
  28. Set small daily goals that will boost your esteem, mood and take you slightly closer to your goals
  29. Learn how to detect healthy and unhealthy relationships
  30. Protect your mental health from negativity -including negative people, news, situations, etc.
  31. Stop worrying too much. It will not change anything
  32. Use natural products for body care not chemicals.
  33. Know the ingredients of the foods you eat. Research them and know which ones to stop eating

Advanced healthy habits

  1. Make personal development a daily goal
  2. Challenge yourself and your beliefs every once in a while with a new habit, goal, ideas, etc.
  3. Stop being a procrastinator – develop a plan to stop this bad habit
  4. Have a passive hobby that you enjoy doing e.g. knitting
  5. Reward yourself every time you get something right e.g. learning a new skill, developing a good habit
  6. Help someone out once in a while. It will make you feel good
  7. Give yourself a penalty every time you do something you shouldn’t have done e.g breaking a healthy habit
  8. Develop a self care routine that works for you
  9. Count your blessings and remember all that you are are blessed with
  10. Reflect on your character and life and plan on how to improve each of them
  11. Write down your dreams, goals and how you can achieve them. Don’t let them just sit on your mind
  12. Avoid skipping meals it causes fluctuations in sugar levels
  13. Cook your meals from scratch as often as you can.
  14. Journal your thoughts. It helps you think more clearly
  15. Always be open to making new friends and connections
  16. Challenge yourself to have a phone-free day every week
  17. Have a full body checkup every 3-4 years
  18. Create opportunities to walk more e.g taking public transport sometimes, parking some meters away from your destination and walking there, etc.
  19. Stretch at your desk or walk around every two hours if you have a desk job to prevent many diseases associated with sedentary living
  20. Replace your unhealthy snacks with healthy foods e.g your favorite fruits and vegetables
  21. Use your freed time form your phone to relax and rediscover yourself in this busy world
  22. Stop emotional eating
  23. Take control of your life and stop letting life happen to you
  24. Know when to see a therapists if you feel you are stuck or unable to cope with your inner demon
  25. Practice saying NO more often to people and situations in your life
  26. Love yourself – All of you. If you are having difficulty doing that, reflect on why and seek help
  27. Read. It opens your mind and teaches you so much
  28. Be involved with local politics
  29. Volunteer at shelters and your local community
  30. Adopt a pet or get a plant and make sure to take care of it.
  31. Surround yourself with what you love e.g books, music, flowers, scents, art, etc. It reduces stress
  32. Be an optimist not a pessimist. You will achieve more
  33. Use natural remedies not pharmaceutical drugs they are more compatible with your body
  34. Learn emotional intelligence and measure your emotional intelligence
  35. Know when to take control of your life and when to let go of people and situations that you cannot change
  36. Learn to accept your faults and take responsibility for your life
  37. Take time to earn how to cook new recipes with new grains

Final Thoughts

I am very interested in knowing your own habits for a healthy lifestyle. Remember health is in 3 forms physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Take care of them all and you will be very healthy, happy, and successful in life.

If there are other habits that I skipped, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day

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