25 habits for a healthy weight gain

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Many will not believe that it can be equally difficult to gain weight as it is to lose weight. The saying of one man’s food is another man’s poison rings true here.

It is easier to gain weight the unhealthy way than the healthy approach. Yes there is such a thing as healthy fat.

To be able to gain weight when it does not come easy to you will require some routines, habits, and knowledge about what you should be doing and how weight gain works

Weight gain typically happens when more energy in the form of calories is gained than the amount of energy expended.

For those with genetic, metabolism, health conditions, etc. that find it difficult to gain weight, you might have to check if there is an underlying health problem that needs to be dealt with before trying to gain weight.

For those that are healthy and are ready to begin, let’s go:

Basics of weight gain The Healthy Way

  1. Never skip meals
  2. Avoid appetite suppressing foods like pineapple, apple vinegar, etc.
  3. Never skip breakfast
  4. Limit cardio exercises e.g running, biking to avoid losing the weight you are gaining
  5. Your diet should mainly consist of healthy fats, protein and carbs
  6. Don’t drink water, juice, tea, etc. before you eat
  7. Reduce stress and stay rested
  8. Stop smoking – It reduces appetite
  9. Avoid excessive physical activity too often
  10. Chew your food well for better nutrient absorption in the stomach
  11. Get adequate sleep every night – Night time sleep quality is best
  12. Eat nutritious meals only – No more junk foods
  13. Keep record of how much you are gaining every week and what foods and routines work best for you
  14. Drink enough water to stay hydrated away from your meals
  15. Increase your meal times to 3-5 meals or eating times a day. You are probably eating less than 3 meals consistently every day at the moment
  16. Set alarms on your phone to remind you of meal times

Healthy weight gain hacks

After doing all of the above, If you want some hacks that work for fast weight gain, here you go:

  1. Have nutrient dense high-calorie shakes
  2. Don’t snack – It makes you feel less hungry when you are trying to eat 3-5 full meals a day
  3. Go for high fat versions of the foods you eat such as milk, meat, butter, etc.
  4. Get bigger plates if yours are smmall or won’t fit the amount of food you are needing
  5. Drink your calories not eat them – drinking calories make you feel less full than eating the same amount of calories
  6. Don’t eat high sugar foods or juices
  7. When you don’t feel like eating when you should, have a shake of similar nutrient quantity
  8. Exercise with weights and resistance to build muscles not just fat
  9. Don’t overeat – Don’t eat everything and anything in sight else you will end up with lots of unhealthy fat that will clog your arteries and overwhelm your liver

Final Thoughts

Here are the healthy weight gain tips that I have compiled. They are quite easy, straightforward, and will help you to begin on the right foot.

If you have more weight gain tips or hacks that worked for you before, please share it with us in the comment section below. We are eager to learn more from you

I wish you the best in your weight gain efforts. Thank you for reading until the end. Until next time.

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