27 ways to start losing weight before you are ready

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Losing weight is a common fantasy especially among women as many of us try to adhere to the societal standard of being thin.

Whether we are actively on a weight loss regimen or not, there are some habits that can help get you started and give you results in a relaxed, gradual manner. After all, sustainable weight loss is about forming better, healthier habits and breaking old bad habits that are causing your weight gain.

Today we will discuss the little things that you can do every day to lose weight or how to get started on weight loss without meaning to or passively.

1.Walk 10,00 steps every day -That is roughly 1hr 40mins. You can use an app to stay on track until it becomes a habit

2. Eat a fruit every day – There is a wide selection of delicious fruits to choose from. Have just one fruit in a day

3. No more soda – Start eliminating soda gradually until it is fully substituted for fruit juices and other natural drinks

4. Have one serving of vegetables a day – You can also snack on your favorite salad recipe. Believe me, there are some delicious salads out there. Just make sure that is it healthy i.e no creamy salad dressings, bacon, etc.

5. Be stress-free – Pysical and mental stress cause weight gain

6. Sleep well – 7-9 hours of sleep is necessary for every adult to be healthy and maintain body weight

7. Drinking adequate water – Many processes in the body need water to be carried out including regulating and burning fat deposits in the body.

8. Chew well -It helps prevent overeating and improves nutrient absorption in the body

9. Conquering emotional eating – If you use food as a coping mechanism, you need to see a doctor/therapist ASAP else, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off long term no matter the regimen you use.

10. Substitute white sugar with healthy sugars like honey, agave – Not all sugars are bad sugars, you should try using less sugar in your diet and if you must use a sweetener, use a natural, healthy sweetener.

11. Substitute your unhealthy snacks with nuts, fruits, or veggies gradually – They have a wide selection that is delicious if only you will discover them. It is also ok for a start to limit your unhealthy snacks to not more than twice a week. Snack on healthy snacks during other days.

12. Mindful eating – Conscious eating is important. Stop eating while watching movies, reading chatting, etc. it leads to overeating.

13. Buying smaller plates – This trick works well in reducing the amount of food you eat subconsciously. It helped me too

14. Make sure your medication is not the cause of your weight gain or inability to lose weight

15. Cook your food well – Avoid unhealthy cooking habits if you can such as deep-frying, charring, over-cooking, or at least reducing their amount in your daily/weekly diet

16. Learn more about your body and health – You can go for a full body check-up to know your health state, take note of foods that your body doesn’t like, etc. to help you improve your health and identify the problem

17. Replacing fats with healthy fats – Make a food list and figure out where you are eating unhealthy fats and replace them with healthy ones. They aid in weight loss because ironically, healthy fats are needed to lose weight.

18. Replacing creamy salad dressing -These little things contain a lot of calories and unhealthy fats. Learn how to make salad dressings from oils and vinegar. They are delicious too.

19. Try to understand why you gain or are gaining weight -Knowing the cause of your weight gain is half the battle.

20. Maintaining 3 meals a day and not skipping meals – Eating consistently will stop your body from going into survival mode and storing extra fat that it thinks it might need in the future.

21. Not more than 2 snacks in a day – Even if the snacks are healthy, try to limit them to 2 remember, overeating is also a cause of weight gain

22. Plan your meals every week – Knowing what you will be eating means you have the time to prepare a healthy option for yourself. Check out how to have a healthy and productive week where you can learn how to for a healthy week.

23. Pack your lunch every other day – Eating out all the time means you will be eating unhealthy foods more than you need to and spending more. Studies have confirmed this. At least every other day, pack your lunch from home.

24. Become more active – Take the stairs, walk to the public transportation, park 15 minutes away from your destination and walk, join a local sports club, running group, etc. These are all ways that you can walk and be more active without much stress.

25. Don’t go grocery shopping hungry – Else you will end up snacking, eating standing up (which leads to more weight gain and indigestion), buying what you don’t need or shouldn’t, etc.

26. Keep only healthy snacks in the house – When you feel the need for a favorite not-so healthy snack, buy it as part of your two unhealthy snacks in a week but finish it immediately and don’t buy more than you need at the moment to keep in the house.

27. Don’t keep food all over the house -The more food we see, the more we will eat it is proven by science. So keep food away from your sight in cupboards and the fridge

Final Thoughts

These are some of the tips or ways of losing weight passively before you are ready to get into it fully. These are all healthy habits that will help you and make it easier to adapt to a weight loss regimen once you are ready to jump into one.

I wish you the best. If you have more tips that are not included in the above, kindly let me know in the comment section below.

Have a nice day 🙂

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