25 Things to check before buying or committing to a weight loss program

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If you have done your research before choosing a weight loss program, you will know that there are many little details that need to be addressed within the regimen.

Often we buy or commit to a weight loss plan because of the guru/teacher, the reviews and recommendations, or because it seems doable to you and you want to try it.

While there are numerous options available, it is not easy to decide on what will be best and most sustainable for you among the numerous options in the market.

It is common to go through 2-5 weight loss plans or programs before finding the one that suits you and helps you lose weight successfully and keep it off long term.

When you make the mistake of choosing the wrong weight loss plan you either are unable to follow through with it as you should or it ends up deteriorating your health which can be dangerous.

I have written on the signs that your weight loss program is wrong for you. There, you can see how the wrong weight loss plan can destroy your health.

If you want to know whether your weight loss plan is appropriate for you, here is what to look for:

The plan is not repeating any of your past weight loss mistakes

Especially for those that have tried losing weight before using a plan or regimen, make sure that this weight loss plan is not advising on things you know did not work for you before

It Suits your lifestyle

The weight loss plan should not take you too far away from your comfort zone or what you know you will be able to sustain in the long run. There are numerous methods and you need to select one that you know you can follow. E.g if you are not a yoga person, don’t select a yoga central weigth loss regimen

It can fit into your Daily schedule

Weight loss is a daily effort. Make sure you can fit it into your everyday life until it becomes a habit

It should be realistic

The plan should not use sweet words, too many generalizations, or make promises that seem too ideal. It should also acknowledge the effort and some hitches you might experience while on the plan.

suits your goals

It definately has to be able to help you achieve your goal. Check it out carefully and do the math.

It should provide support e.g facebook

It should create a community or forum for those using the plan to meet each other, share their struggles with people going through the same thing, find accountability buddies, etc. Losing weight alone is more difficult than if you have a group to motivate you.

It can be maintained

It should be something you can maintain for the long haul because sustainable weight loss is a lifesyle, not a diet.

risks should be outline and low

If there are any risks, it should be stated clearly on the statement plan or if it is only for specific demography of the population. A low-risk or non-risky weight loss is best.

Checks your expectation/Mindset

We might go into losing weight mode with the wrong mindset which will affect our success hence it is expected that the weight loss plan is honest and clear on what it can do for you and what it will not do.

Its methods are clear

Every good weight loss plan has a clear method that they will be teaching and using to lose weight. Avoid ambigious claims of just losing weight with some exercises.

be backed by an authority

The creator of the regimen or the developer of the plan should be clear and visible and you should know about his/her qualifications and experience that will allow him to be trusted with your weight loss journey.

Be based on science

It should not be some wacky plan that was concieved based on some myths, trial, and error, pseudo science etc. It has to be based on facts and science.


It is very important that your weight loss plan is healthy because the main reason for losing weight should be to improve your health not detoriorate it.

Not a fad diet

Fad or trendy diets come and go all the time. There is always a new weight loss program that everyone seems to be on at the moment. Avoid those because they are often not backed by any science but by trial and error hence, they can ruin your health

Little to no supplements included all nutrients should be from food

This is important. You should not be taking supplements for life. All nutrients have their dietary equal and you need to eat those foods not taking supplements from a bottle .

Slow and steady weight loss

Steady weight loss allows your body to adjust itself after probably years and decades of being overweight. If you use the wrong methods that are too fast or sudden, you will end up with saggy skin, headaches, irritability, hair loss, etc.

Includes your fave foods

Youe fat loss regimen must include your favorite foods or gives you acceptable alternatives else, it will not be sustainable

You love it

The perfect plan for you shuld not feel like a diet but a stepping stone to a better lifestyle.

Include all nutitional needs -foods from all groups

A good weight loss regimen allows for the inclusion of varied foods so that you can get all the nutrients you need.

it starts small, gradually increases and is focused on consistentcy

It should preach and focus on getting you started in small ways that should not be drastic or else, you will probably stop following it once you are ubale to adapt to the drastic changes.

Knows how to tackle bad days/Guilt

It should equip you with how to tackle with your low days that every one goes through when they are struggling to lose wieght. Also, you need to know how to deal with days that you missed or went against your weight loss plan or are not losing as much as you think you should.

Include exercise

Exercises might not be fundemental to weight loss, but they are very important in improving your health and losing weight faster.

fits your budget

This by no means low on importance. It should fit your budget for the initial payment and other additional expenses that might be needed within the program if you want to succeed

Suits your health conditions

If you have any health condition that needs a special plan, make sure the plan in mind does not make your condition worse or is not meant for some that need a special approach.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the things that your potential weight loss plan needs to fulfill so that you will be sure that such plan will work for you today and in the long run

If you are unable to get all the information on the landing page, then simply email the creators. They should be able to tell you what you need to know

I wish you the best. Lest chat in the comment section below 😉

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