19 Healthy sleeping habits for a restful sleep

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Each of us has a rough or definite sleep routine or habits that we do whether we realize it or not. Often, we tend to think of sleep time as just time to sleep. We then lay our bed until tomorrow.

That should not be if we want to be healthy because if we continue such a pattern we might get sick either physically, or, mentally.

It is important that we recognize that to have a continuous, restful sleep there are some things that we need to include in our sleeping routine.

Before we begin on healthy habits for good quality sleep, we need to remember that to have adequate rest as adults, we need 7-9hrs of sleep in a day. Adequate sleep helps us in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


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Sometimes, our habits make it difficult to have sufficient restful sleep that keeps us energized and healthy.

If you are still having trouble sleeping despite trying to correct your sleeping habits, for a week or so, then you need to read sleeping habits for insomniacs. The effective routine explained in the post will help you restore your sleep pattern and quality.

Let us begin:

1.Eat 2-3 hours before bedtime – This will give your body adequate time to digest and settle down before it goes to sleep.

3. Don’t bring work to your bedroom – Let your room be the place for relaxing and sleeping only and train your brain to recognize that. You can work in other areas of the house.

4. Keep phones away – Gadgets are known to have blue lights and radiation that trick our bodies into behaving differently such as not being able to sleep when you need to. It is best that you keep phones away from you for at least 1-2 hours before sleep

5. Prepare for tomorrow – Whatever it is that you are planning for the next day, try to finish the preparations and write down your plans or schedule for the following day so that you can sleep well with a clear mind. No stress.

6. Go to bed early – Early to bed, early to rise they say. Another reason why you need to sleep early is to get the most important part of sleep for the human body which happens about 90 minutes before midnight so try to be in bed by 10.30 pm

7. Avoid high-energy activities after nightfall – Activities like exercising that will raise your energy. It is not good for the body when you should be preparing to sleep. The closer you are getting to bedtime, the more relaxing your activities should be.

8. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants – Stimulants are known to keep us awake and active hence, at least 4 hours before bedtime, stop taking them.

9. Have a relaxing activity – It can be reading, meditation, music, spending time with your loved ones, etc. Do something that helps you relax every night. Also, clear your mind of nagging thoughts and worry because they will interfere with your sleep

10. Have a body care routine – Remove makeup, floss, brush your teeth, etc. These are all good habits to prepare yourself for bed.

Tip* A very warm bath will make you fall asleep faster

11. Wear comfortable loose clothes – Your clothes should be comfortable for the weather and loose. Avoid tight clothes.

I will advise that you remove your underwear too because that is probably the only time during the day that your chest (for women) and under areas will be properly ventilated which helps reduce health incidents such as infections.

12. Remove all things tight and restraining – Some even advise that jewellery like rings should be removed too to for easy flow in the body e.g blood as the body is doing the usual repair and restoration of the body.

13. Say your prayers – Say your prayers every night and remember all the things that you should be grateful for. Also, use that time to appreciate yourself.

14. Reflect on your day – Briefly not too deeply reflect on how your day went and remember what you did right and how it can be improved and mentally prepare your mind for tomorrow.

15. Clean up – It feels wonderful to wake up to a clean living space and all you have to do is to get ready. Try and keep your living spaces clean especially the kitchen before you sleep because it helps in preventing insects from infesting your home.

16. Lock up – Make sure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. Also, check the weather and know whether you should shut your windows incase it will rain at night.

17. Switch off lights – It is important to sleep in a dark room because that is one of the ways that our body recognises that it is night time and it is time to sleep.

18. Sleep on your right side – The right side not the left side is the correct sleeping position. Even if it will take you a while for this to become a habit, please do so. Sleeping on the right side of the body opens the heart.

19. Make your sleeping area cozy – The last but not least, make your sleeping area or bedroom cozy especially when you are finding trouble sleeping. You can have slow music, use white noise (e.g fan), scents/incense, etc. Do what fits your likes.


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23 sleeping habits that insomniacs need to adopt for a restful sleep

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Final thoughts

These good sleeping habits will help you have better sleep and rest quality.

There are some habits that you need to avoid such as sleeping on your chest which adds pressure to the lungs and heart, reading just before bed which can make your brain active, noisy environments, sleeping without preparation, etc.

If you feel there are some important sleeping habits that I omitted, kindly let me know in the comment section below.

If you are suffering from insomnia, check out the sleeping habits that insomniacs need to restore their sleeping pattern.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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