11 Best morning habits For A Healthy And Productive Day

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Mornings usually mark the beginning of our day. The things or routines that we do in the morning play a key role in our productivity, mood, and health. It is important that we try to have healthy and productive morning habits that will help us start our day on the right track

The morning habits discussed today are just the basics of a good morning routine that anyone with practice and perseverance can easily incorporate into their daily life.


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It is important to remember when trying to form new habits that it might take a while to have it down to pat and not to give up when you find yourself breaking the habit. Try again tomorrow.

Here we go:

1.Wake up early – Waking up early is one of the most important morning habits that one can have. This is because it allows you to be organised, plan your day, and do all the important things before it is time to get going for the main activity.

It also helps you achieve more during the day but remember, to wake up early, you have to go to bed early

2. Don’t check your phone until you are out of the house – In this digital age, checking our phones is usually the first thing that we do but it is a very bad habit that needs to be stopped today. Right now.

When our phones are the first thing we do, it wastes our time making it difficult to finish tasks on time.

I will recommend that you check your phone after you have finished your morning routines and you have left home or if you are not going out, then do that after breakfast and prepare for your day and not a minute before

3. Drink up before eating – Have a fruit juice, water, milk, smoothie, or some other liquid before eating a nutritious breakfast that consists of carbs, proteins, and some fruit or vegetable

4. Dress comfortably – Dress comfortably for the weather and occasion. Sometimes we wear clothes and shoes that we know will make our day difficult and tire our body unnecessarily.

In some cases, such dressing can even cause pain or damage to some body parts such as constantly wearing high heels, tight clothes that constrict our veins, etc.

5. Have a healthy breakfast -Don’t just have a toast, coffee, tea, fruit juice, or whatever snack of your choice, and expect it to keep you from being hungry or provide you with energy until lunchtime.

Eating not just any breakfast but a healthy home-cooked breakfast keeps us energized throughout the morning, prevents overeating, boosts productivity, etc. It has many benefits.

It is even worse if you skip the breakfast altogether.

6. Do some exercises/stretch – To be clear, I am not speaking of going to the gym. For those that can do it, they are welcome to add it to their morning routine but for most of us, online tutorials of 10-15 minutes of stretching/exercises is enough to wake the body up and get it energized for the day

7. Get some sunshine – The morning sun (about 2-3 hours after sunrise) has many benefits including vitamin D (the best source of vitamin D), boosts your mood and reduces stress, stimulates collagen production, etc.

You can take a walk thereby, beating 2 birds with one stone (both exercising and morning sunshine), sit on the porch/balcony, or even open your window and have your breakfast under the morning sun

8. Drink water before coffee – For coffee lovers, drinking coffee the first thing in the morning is not good for your health. Water is the recommended option. Take your coffee after breakfast.

9. Clean up before leaving – Coming back from work or coming home to an untidy environment makes you feel tired, moody and just spoils the rest of the day. Coming home to a clean house will make you feel good and relieved. Trust me.

So do clean up in the morning before leaving for work.

10. Check your list for the day again– Take a look at the schedule you prepared the previous night to remind yourself of what is ahead. Mentally take notes and prepare yourself for the day before leaving.

11. Leave for work on time – Estimate the time it will take you to arrive on time and settle in before work commences. It also reduces your stress levels when you are able to leave on time and arrive before work begins.


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Final Thoughts

These morning routines and habits will help you lay the foundation of a healthy basic morning routine. You can add more to this list on your own when you feel ready to take on more.

I welcome your thoughts and input on your own healthy morning routines.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a nice day 🙂

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