103 Bad habits TO Quit To be happier and healthier

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We often think or at least fantasize about developing new good habits and routines so that we will be as healthy, productive and happy and as the people we see on our screens and read about.

It is not often or comfortable for us to think about our bad habits that are hindering us from attaining our ideal life.

It is important that we make a list or at least a mental note of all the things that we need to stop or habits that are in the way of our progress socially, personally, economically, etc. and other spheres of our life

Pondering on our bad habits is not an easy conversation to have with yourself and just by having that conversation, you are a step closer to stopping your bad habits and achieving your goals.

Let us begin with the bad habits that I, you, us, everyone needs to stop for their own sake soonest. They are;

  1. Following social media trends mindlessly – Most of them are dumb, unhealthy, Objectifying and often, dangerous
  2. Over indulging yourself – Too much of anything is bad for us
  3. Having a negative mindset -Pessimism
  4. Keeping toxic friends and boyfriends
  5. Trying to impress others
  6. Being a doormat/pushover
  7. Poor personal hygiene
  8. Poor manners and social etiquette
  9. Checking your phone the minute you wake up
  10. Living your life on social media
  11. Over sharing on social media
  12. Comparing your life to others
  13. Holding onto the past and things that you cannot change
  14. Having no self care routine or habit to unwind or de-stress
  15. Lack of adequate sleep
  16. A diet that consists of junk foods and artifical foods that have no nutritive value
  17. Inability to accept personal faults -lack of accountability,
  18. Irresponsibility
  19. Having no personal goals beyond school and a career
  20. Not making time for yourself
  21. Being impatient all the time
  22. Sleeping late
  23. Waking up late
  24. Ignoring your gut feeling – It can save you alot of trouble in life
  25. Not being proactive – Always wating for the perfect time and circumstance
  26. Procrastination – This is a huge evil
  27. Poor self discipline
  28. Being too critical/strict with yourself
  29. Inability to accept reality – Living in denial
  30. Being a control freak
  31. Failing to forgive yourself
  32. Over-tasking your day
  33. Not reading including the news, books, journals, etc.
  34. No zeal to improve yourself in anyway
  35. Giving up quickly
  36. Expecting things from others
  37. Waiting for someone to save you
  38. Worrying about others opinion on your life, and yourself
  39. Taking on more than you can chew
  40. Being a people-pleaser (I am sometimes guilty of this)
  41. Doubting your self and your abilities
  42. Keeping it safe and settling for less than you know you can do or deserve
  43. Wasting your precious time
  44. Not challenging yourself every once in a while – Always staying in your comfort zone
  45. Accepting others opinion about you as facts
  46. Not counting your blessing – There is so much to be grateful for in your life
  47. Being self-depreciating – Even a little self depreciation is very bad
  48. Not having adequate exercise everyday – Sitting for most of your day
  49. Multitasking more than 2 tasks at once – It will often leave you feeling unproductive, stressed and drained
  50. Poor posture
  51. Not budgeting before getting paid at the end pf the month
  52. Willingly living on debt
  53. Justifyig your bad habits
  54. Not planning your days ahead and just tackling things as they come. If you fail to plan your days, you plan to fail.
  55. Being a perfectionist – It steals your joy
  56. Sitting all day – Not exercising or being active enough during the week
  57. Ignoring your body’s signals for sleep, rest, a doctor’s visit, etc.
  58. Being unorganized and doing things at the last minutes (I am sometimes guilty here too)
  59. Giving too much time, energy, love, etc. to people who won’t do the same for you
  60. Not making time to reflect on your life, goals and character
  61. Over cooking your food till the nutrients are cooked away
  62. Over complaining and having a victim mindset
  63. Over spending.
  64. Having bad communication and listening skills
  65. Lacking sympathy or the inability to put yourself in other people’s shoes
  66. Spending on things that you know you don’t need. You simply want them
  67. Keeping negative people around
  68. Keeping in-touch with toxic, competitive, and unsupportive friends
  69. Avoiding confrontations all the time – sometimes they are necessary
  70. Being passive-aggressive
  71. Telling offensive jokes
  72. Telling white lies
  73. Sitting in the company of those bad-mouthing or backbiting others
  74. Often or always being late
  75. Having unhealthy coping mechanisms when stressed, embarrassed, unhappy, etc.
  76. Not asking for help when you need one
  77. Accepting defeat easily
  78. Being too emotional especially anger – this makes it difficult to think logically
  79. Lacking emotional control and maturity
  80. Taking things too personally
  81. Black or white thinking
  82. Being arrogant
  83. Having poor boundaries
  84. Not keeping to your words as you said you will
  85. Laziness
  86. Worrying about others opinion about our selves and the things we do.
  87. Neglecting your health
  88. Skiping meals
  89. Always eating junk food
  90. Yo-yo dieting
  91. Eating out often – more than 3 times a week
  92. Eating when you are not hungry
  93. Being narrow minded and unable to think critically or challenge your beliefs
  94. Drinking cold beverages, water and foods
  95. Mindless eating – This is eating while reading, watching tv, chatting
  96. Being obesessed with your weight – if you are unhappy with it, find healthy ways of losing weight or gaining weight. Mental stress will harm your health.
  97. Being a worry-wart and over thinking things
  98. Using your phones as the last thing at night
  99. Using your phones or gadgets in the dark -Blue light is real
  100. Not listening to your body when you feel unwell
  101. Sleeping on your front, left side ot back -The right side is the correct sleeping postion
  102. Blindly following doctors orders – You need to be proactive about your health and decide whether something is working for you or not and demand for a better or alternative treatment
  103. Reaching for the drug cabinet every single time you feel unwell – try to learn of natural remedises to solve everyday illness. That is the main focus of this blo. You can start here.

Final thoughts

I hope this list will remind you of habits to improve upon as it did for me while writting this post.

Thank you for coming over, and have a nice day. Bye 😉

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