29 habits sabotaging your weight loss success

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Weight loss is tough especially if you are a beginner and you are just trying to get things right for the first time.

You are probably putting much effort into following your weight loss program or plan but there are some habits that we don’t realise are sabotaging our progress or slowing us down.

This is what we are here to discuss today. I hope you were able to learn something new. Lets begin;

  1. Inadequate sleep – This negatively affects how the body stores and process store body fat.

2. Not chewing properly -This leads to poor nutrient absorption also, chewing more makes you feel full faster.

3. Poor hydration – Not only needs to poor health but also less fat burning in the body

4. Not relaxing after a stressful day – Being stressed causes faster weight gain

5. Mindless eating e.g eating while reading, watching a movie, chatting, etc. – Only eat when you can focus on it only

6. Using creamy dressings – These have high calories and fat.

7. Eating out/Take out more than twice in a week – This is setting you back because commercial foods have higher fats and are more unhealthy than home-cooked meals

8. Using big/medium plates and cups to eat – You need to get smaller sized cups and plates soonest once you decide to loose weight. I have experienced how well this trick works myself.

9. Skipping breakfast – Causes fluctuations in sugar levels and leads to snacking and eating more than you would have otherwise.

10. Doing too much to quickly – Trying to lose too much weight in a short amount of time can increase your stress especially mental stress and lead to more increased weight gain than weight loss once you stop or finish the weight loss plan

11. Mental stress – Mental stress causes more fat retention and production in the body more than physical stress

12. You hate losing weight – Maybe you are losing weight for the wrong reason. Hating what you are doing will increase your mental stress, make you unlikely to complete your weight loss schedule, etc. You need to be motivated positively to make it easier for yourself.

13. You have a desk job – Sitting for most of your day even of you got to the gym 3 times a week will slow your weight loss. Find easy exercises you can do at your desk or at work to combat this.

14. Keeping food around you all the time including healthy foods – The more we see food lying around in the house, the more often we will eat and snack. This is bad for your weight loss goals

15. Not tracking your foods and routine to know what works or doesnt work – You will probably not be able to know which weight loss method works for you if you don’t document every step.

16. Eating with unsupportive groups or people – Peer pressure will push you to eat what you know you should not

17. Taking on too much, being too strict – Begin your weight loss journey with the simplest adjustments you can make and add to it gradually.

18. Eating less than 2 hours before bedtime – Your body doesn’t have enough time to digest properly

19. You keep your trigger/temptation around you – You need to throw them out or keep them far away for your cheat days

20. You have not solved your unhealthy eating habits e.g stress eating, binge eating – Eating not as a defense or coping mechanism should be something you attain before trying to actively lose weight.

21. Over-tasking yourself – Know your limits and don’t rush else, it can cause much stress for the body hence, sabotaging your weight loss efforts

22. Loving those diet packed foods e.g diet cola – There is no such as thing as a diet junk or processed food. Don’t include them in your meal planning.

23. Skipping meals – This makes the body to go into survival mode and store more fat because it doesn’t know when it will get food next

24. Trying the same ole diet that you knew didn’t work before or was not sustainable for you again and again – You need to let it go sand try something different

25. You don’t get enough beneficial sun -Morning and evening sun helps with regulating hormones that are responsible for maintain our weight.

26. You wait for gym time to exercise and don’t make effort to do activity beyond then – Always make opportunities to be more active e.g taking a walk while on a long phone call

27. Your salads are not healthy – You are using creamy dressings, bacon, fatty oils, etc. in your salads

28. You keep expecting perfection and everything to go as planned – Your body might not be responding at the speed or manner that you though it would. Take your time and be patient with it.

29. You measure your weight loss success by the scale – Try and have a wholistic view of weight loss where the scale is not always right e.g you might be gaining more muscle hence you don’t see much progress in your weight from the last time you measured yourself

If there are other habits that through your experience made weight loss more difficult for you, share with us down below in the comment section so that we can learn from you.

Thank you for stopping by, bye! 🙂

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