how my cousin regulated her irregular periods

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Periods are one of those things that all women experience at one point in their lives or another. For some, it is a smooth sail causing little to no worry or disruption in their lives. For many of us, our periods tend to be accompanied by painful cramps, irregularities, mood swings, physical changes, etc.

Having healthy periods is essential to women’s reproductive health because it affects fertility, hormonal balance, ability to get pregnant and deliver safely, etc.

What Are Irregular periods

Irregularity in the monthly cycle is when the time between a period cycle and the next dramatically differs across the months of the year. It is normal for menstrual cycles to differ slightly due to changes in diet, lifestyle, stress, hormonal balance, etc.

However, when overtime your period gaps are not just slightly changing but to the point where you don’t even have any idea when the next one will be coming, you will first need to address the most common causes

These include stress, changes in diet/poor diet, exposure to harmful chemicals, hormonal imbalance, etc. by sleeping more and better, improving your diet with natural foods and avoiding junk and sodas, reducing stress as much as possible, losing weight if overweight, etc. You can read more about it on Mary Vance and Nuawoman.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to try the remedy my cousin used after struggling with irregular periods for many years.

How My Cousin overcame her irregular Period

My cousin Sammy has for the longest time since her teenage years struggled with irregular periods for reasons she could not understand or pinpoint. She is a very healthy woman with almost no health problems except her irregular periods.

One thing you need to know about my cousin is that she is the most terrible person I know at consistency. She absolutely hates anything that requires her to do it every day.

Sammy’s cycle comes as it wishes like once in 2 months, once in 45 days, after two weeks, etc. It has caused her much stress because she doesn’t know when to expect her next cycle. She eats healthy foods almost never junk or processed foods, is moderately active, and is rather slim weighing 55 kg at the height of 5’4. That has always been her natural weight.

Over time, she tried to see some doctors and they made their recommendations but her irregular periods persisted. About 2 years ago, she went to see a naturopath. To keep the story short, after some questions and investigation, she was asked to eat more bananas and stick to some healthy lifestyle practices. This was rather surprising and disappointing to her.

Bananas are known for many things but usually not periods and hormonal issues. Though they are rich in pottassium, vitamin B6, fiber, antioxidants, etc.

She went to the naturopath expecting to be given some herbs, supplements, anything but to be eating 3-4 ripe, fresh bananas a day for 60 days. She was allowed to add them to her healthy foods and not junk foods or whichever creative way she decided to use them. Just never heat or cook them. They have to be eaten fresh.

Reluctantly, she started the regimen. When she started, it was about 14 days after her cycle. She mostly ate the bananas fresh and alone across the day without adding them to any food except occasionally. The bananas were mostly organic or of good quality from the farmer’s market or local farms.

As she tried to stay on the regimen, she was often in doubt of its effectiveness because she already eats a healthy diet in her own mind.

2 weeks after she started her banana regimen, WALAAAaa! she had her first 28 days normal period in her entire life. She could not believe either. It was like magic!

She told me of her experience and I was equally surprised and delighted for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t even complete half of the 60 days as it was prescribed and her delight didn’t last long.

After some months, her period became irregular again and due to her laziness (sorry cuz), she said its irregularity didn’t bother her anymore which was funny because she used to be stressed about her irregular cycles.

I believe the true reason why she didn’t complete her regimen is that she is terribly poor at consistency. She painfully managed through the first two weeks (she was planning on doing it for a month actually) just to see if it works and once it did, she went on her merry way. I know, she is strange haha.

This incident reaffirmed my love for natural healing. I truly believe with all my heart that we don’t need drugs for every health problem that we face. Most health challenges can be solved with changes in diet and lifestyle and natural remedies.

Bananas work for irregular periods. I later went to meet the naturopath for advice on hormonal imbalance. The advice I received helped me write the article on hormonal imbalance. You are welcome to check it out.


That was it. My cousin managed to prove that yes! what the naturopath said was correct. Bananas can regulate irregular periods as simple and unlikely as that may sound.

If you are also struggling with irregular periods, do try eating bananas for 60 days and as she said, keep to a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress. I would love to hear from you after you are done with the regimen because I am curious about how lasting the remedy is.

I hope you learned something from this post. Thank you for staying until the end, have a nice day.

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