How to get rid of dizziness and vertigo quickly

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Dizziness is a feeling of being light headed, unbalanced or suddenly disoriented. It feels like your surrounding is moving around you or you are about to faint

Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness where one feels a false sense of motion. The person may feel like they are spinning when they are sitting. This type of dizziness often leads to falls and is most common among the older generation (over 40 years old)

Other signs of Vertigo and dizziness are nausea, in extreme cases vomitting, headaches, weakness, lack of balance (unable to stand up properly), etc.

Dizziness is a symptom of an underlying condition but not a condition by itself. Such conditiosn can be anemia maybe from heavy periods, a poor diet, etc., dehydration, alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption, sudden heightened emotions, stress, fast movement especially head movements, standing for too long, medications, blood pressure changes, etc.

Dizziness is a fairly common condition that we might experience more often as we age. I have been battling dizziness accompanied by nausea for the past 5 years. If you are interested, read how I get rid of nausea naturally and quickly.

I still don’t know why I started experiencing these sensations. Perhaps I should go to the doctor some day but since I can successfully manage it at home, I will be sharing how I contain and quickly get rid of my dizziness below:

How to get rid of dizziness and vertigo

Stay hydrated

Dizziness is a symptom of dehydration which is why, you should make sure that you are taking the recommennded 2.7 liters of water for women and 3.5 litres for men.

If it is in the summer, you may want to increase the amount of fluids you take to makeup for the high tempreture.

For hydration, water alone may not be enough. You should include natural fruit juices, soups, fresh milk, teas, coconut water, etc. These will give you added nutrients and electrolytes with the hydration you need.

Do not make sudden movements

In my experience too, you should use slow gradual movements to walk, get up, lay down, etc. This will help reduce the unpleasant feeling of dizziness as you try to get rid of it and also reduce your chances of vomiting if nauseous

Eat something immeidately

One of the first htings I do when dizzy is to eat a nutritious food and hydrate quickly after lying down.

When the cause is low blood sugar and the like, a good healthy meal that is not oily, sugary, fatty, processed or has other bad qualities will help you get back to your feet quicker than you expect.

eat nutritious foods on a regular schedule

Do you best to maintain a good eating schedule of about 3 times a day to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar which often leads to dizziness.

Reduce or eliminate unhealthy foods from your daily diet for improved health

Take nausea remedies

I often have to use nausea remedies when dealing with a dizzy spell and I wrote about the remedies that I use to calm my stomach and stop vomiting. These remedies almost always work for me. Check them out here.

Rest well

Try not to get up immediately after taiking your remedies but stay rested and try to sleep so that your body can focus on getting better.

I often sleep or atleast stay in bed for 2-3 hours on average after getting a dizzy spell and taking all the precautions and remedies that I should take.

Don’t forget to keep you head proped up above the level of your body becuase sometimes, when your head is lower than your body, it can trigger another wave of dizzy spells

Make some lifestyle adjustments

You should stop smioking, stay hydrated throughout the day, maintain a healthy weight; lose weight if overweight and gain weight if underweight, improve your diet, exercise or atleast be active in your life, etc.

These tips will help reduce the frequency of experiencing dizziness or vertigo in your life.

When to see a doctor

Even though dizziness is usually a mild condition , you should not avoid going to the hospital if you experience the following symptoms including chest pain, stiff neck, stroke symptoms e.g. sudden consufusion, numbeness in the limbs, difficulty seeing, etc., difficulty breathing, vomitting, etc.

You can read more on Upper Cervical Awareness.


You should get your dizziness checked if it is interfering with your quality of life or making you anxious. Most of the time, you can get rid of dizzy spells at home without medications.

The above remedies are what I use to get rid of dizzyness quickly. I hope they are as effective for you as they are for me. Have a nice day. Thank you for stopping by.

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