9 best remedies for Sinus infection [incl. congestion]

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Sinus congestion, stuffy nose, or nasal congestion, sinus pressure, sinus headache, etc. are symptoms of sinus infection.

Sinusitis or sinus infection is the inflammation of the tissues lining the sinuses. The sinuses occupy the areas of the forehead, between the eyes and the cheekbones. This is where mucus is produced to keep the nasal passage protected from dust, pollutants, allergens, etc. that can infect the area.

It happens when the lining of the nasal passages is irritated and inflamed – usually during a cold, cough, allergic reaction, flu, etc – causing pressure, pain, and ‘blocking’ of the nasal passage

Symptoms such as pressure in the ears, forehead, fatigue, cough, headache, etc. are to be expected. Home or natural remedies are usually effective for nasal congestion but if it continues for more than 7 days, see a doctor.

Until the congestion drains and the irritation is cleared, you should always keep your head propped up, only eat warm foods not cold or room temperature, dress warmly even if it is warm, avoid any fan or air conditioning, etc. These habits will hasten your recovery.

I myself have dealt with sinus infections a couple of times in the past and the following remedies are what I used to clear my nasal passage and get rid of the mucus very fast. They are the reason why I stopped dreading sinus congestion. Let’s begin:

Essential oils for sinus infection & congestion

The best essential oils that I know for sinus congestion are:

  • Mint oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Pepper mint oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Garlic oil
  • Clove oil
  • Oregano oil
  • Rosemary Oil

If you are applying it to your skin, you need to know how to properly dilute it before using it. Healthline has a good guide.

natural remedies for Sinus infection & congestion

The following remedies are very effective and in my opinion the best when treating sinus infection and congestion. On my websites, you can find as many 20-30 remedies but they provide varying degrees of relief

The natural remedies below work for sinus pressure, sinus drainage, sinus congestion, sinus infection, and all other issues that one faces while having a sinus infection.

Steam bath

This is one of the most effective sinus decongestant remedy that I know of which gives immediate relief. Also called steam inhalation, the essential oil-infused steam thins the mucus and reduces the inflammation making it easier for it to flow out of the nasal passage

Simply add 2-5 drops of some essential oil to a medium bowl of hot steaming water and quickly cover your head with a towel while bending over the steaming hot water bowl. Maintain your position for at least 5 minutes preferably until it cools before removing the towel or blanket.

It is optional but highly recommended to add an essential oil such as mint, eucalyptus, ginger, or peppermint to the hot water bowl. They are all known to be good for unblocking blocked passages in the nose, chest, etc.


Garlic should be used both raw and as an oil for faster relief. But you can choose one if you wish.

This wonderful herb/spice is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chew/swallow tiny 2-3 chopped pieces of raw garlic to boost your immunity and fight the bacteria in the airways. Do this twice a day.

Secondly, rub garlic oil under your nose, on your neck, temple, and tonsils, and on your chest, especially at night. Do this as often as necessary

It might not be the nicest remedy, but breathing in garlic oil help reduce inflammation and thins the mucus giving you a good night’s sleep and prolonged relief.

mint oil

Mint oil is very effective in clearing the airways in my experience and others around me. You won’t regret using this remedy.

Simply apply some mint oil not the essential oil to a piece of cotton and slightly push it into the opening of your nostrils. As you breathe in the oil, you will gradually be able to breathe better and get relief from your symptoms

hot spicy foods

Soups and teas are usually the most recommended foods during nasal congestion. Eating just hot foods can only get you short relief. For long-lasting relief, you need to add ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric, etc., and other hot spices that are known for their heat.

Such spices have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Don’t forget to keep a tissue at hand because your soup/tea is guaranteed to make your nasal mucus drip significantly giving clearing your nasal passage and boosting your immunity.

Warm Compress

The very warm (almost hot) wet towel method applies heat to the mucus making it to thin and drip out of the nose or through the throat.

It is known that cool/cold temperatures worsen congestion by thickening the mucus making it block the nasal passage while hot temperatures thin the mucus.

Dip a clean hand/face towel in very warm water (hot enough that it does not burn). Wring it and fold it. Place it on your nose, mouth, and forehead area to properly apply heat to the nasal passage and thin the mucus.

When the towel cools, repeat until you feel your nose dripping or get relief.

Bonus tip: After using the steam bath, hot towel remedy, or hot/spicy food remedy, to prolong your relief, rub garlic oil or mint oil under your nose and the neck/chest area. So long you are breathing in the essential oil, it will keep your nasal passage clear.


Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory spice and has antibiotic properties. It will ease discomfort, fasten healing, ease sinus pressure and nausea.

Add the ginger (fresh is most effective) to your soups, use as tea, and add to room-temperature drinks. It will reduce the inflammation and kill the bacteria causing the sinus infection. Use as often as you need but at least once a day.

Stay Hydrated

This is very important when dealing with sinus infection. Taking not just water but teas, juices and the like keeps the body well hydrated. This helps in thinning the mucus which thickened and blocked the nasal passage due to infection.

boost your immunity

Just like a cold, a viral infection like a sinus infection is easier to treat if your immunity is strong or at least boosted during the treatment.

Vitamin C capsules, blackseed powder capsules, honey, coupled with healthy habits such as getting enough rest, eating a good diet mainly of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, exercising, etc. will boost your immnunity and get the sinusitis out of your system in no time


For sinus congestion, there are other remedies you can try such as rubbing the menthol balm under the nostrils, throat, and neck area, Massage around the nasal area to relieve congestion, nasal irrigation using a saline spray, etc.

All of these remedies work in my experience though they give varying degrees of relief. You simply have to choose which one you prefer. Remember to stay hydrated when you have sinus congestion. It helps thin the mucus and drains it faster from the nasal passage.

I hope you are able to get rid of your nasal congestion soon with these effective remedies. Best of luck

Have a nice day. Thank you for reading till the end.

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