5 Best Remedies for Headache and migraine

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Headaches come with the package of being alive in my opinion. It is inevitable that once in a while we will feel that familiar pain in our head.

A headache simply put is pain in the head or face. It can also be felt at different locations of the neck and temples. It is usually as a symptom of an underlying medical condition or due to overactivity or problrems with the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, chemicals, etc. of the brain

The three most common types of headaches among the population are tension heaches (feels like a tight ban around the head), migraines (intense pain in one part of the head only) and cluster headaches (frequent short-term pain around the eyes).

For most of us, headaches became part of our life due to our lifestylr or diet. These high stress jobs that come with modern living can be a little too much atimes. This is why you need to know how to get rid of headaches without the need to reach for your medication or pain killer. Let us begin:

How to reduce frequency of headches

  • Limit alcohol and caffeine intake in your daily life. When it is caused by caffeine withdrawl, a cup of coffee helps temporarily.
  • Improve your diet to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you body needs
  • Reduce light exposure or avoid extremly bright lights
  • Always stay in well-ventilated spaces including sleeping time
  • Reduce stress as much as possible
  • Eat frequent meals to avoid blood sugar spikes
  • Treat underlying conditions such as constipation, high blood pressure, sinus infection, etc. When they are the cause.

Natural Remedies

Hydrate well

Sufficient hydration with water, fruit juices, soups, etc. is crucial to the body for almost every body function. Dehydration can result in many uncomfortable states such as dry mouth, headaches, low energy, constipation, poor digestion and many others.

Though everyone has their own unique amount of water they need for optimal health which can differ from the recommended amount, an adult should have around 3 liters of of water a day.

Always maintaining good hydration can prevent frequent headaches if it caused by dehydration.


Adequate sleep is a magic solution to many health problems including headache, reduced immunity, low energy, etc. It is very important to the health and daily function of the body so much that if we skip sleeping for just one day, we will surely feel it in our body.

When we get stressed and tired, good quality sleep will help the body and when we cannot rest, we usually end up with a headache

This is usually the first remedy that I try once I realize I have a headache. This is because most headaches are caused by stress. Other like sinus headaches are best cured by sinus infection remedies such as the ones I use in this post.

If you are simply looking for relief not cure, then the remedies in this post are just good enough for relief.

cold compress

The cooling sensation from an ice pack helps reduce the inflammation and relaxes the nerves of the head. It is important that you should remember to place the ice in a towel or use a facial ice pack and place it at the base of your neck all the way around to your chin in the front.

For the headaches felt behind the eyes, cheekbones, nose, you can place it where it gives you relief. Just remember never to place ice cubes directly on your skin.

Ginger tea

Ginger is a natural pain killer and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially good for migraines because it stops nausea and vomiting which are often symptoms of migraine.

Simply take a plain but concentrated ginger tea, add raw grated ginger to your tea or add it to soups for relief.

Massage pressure points

The concept of using pressure points in the body for pain relief stems from chinese medicine where it is believed that such places are energy paths that relief tension and pain when massaged.

This is a very helpful guide if you wish to try this remedy. It works well for many. You can find their reviews online

Magnesium supplement

Magnesium is one of the most recommended remedies for headaches and migraines. This mineral is important for nerve and muscle function, bone health, immune system, etc. Magnesium prevents and treats headache by acting as a pain reliever and preventing the signals for migraine from the brain.

Take the magnesium as described on the bottle.


It is best that you do not reach for medication once you feel a headache without trying any of these remedies.

The best remedies for commmon headaches are usually simple because it is often a sign of stress, dehydration, teeth grinding, etc. In such cases, we should try to fix it as naturally and safely as possible.

These remedies do work. Do try them and let me know how well it worked for you or not.

Thank you for staying till the end. Have a nice day.

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